It's Better to Sweat than to Shiver (It's Always Warm at the Afterhours)

It’s Better to Sweat than to Shiver (It’s Always Warm at the Afterhours)

Making the decision to hit the afterhours is always something of a gamble, but the one thing you can count on is that you’ll never be cold. Between the reliably poor ventilation and the way dancing bodies exist as burning embers, the warming effect is instantaneous; in the same way jumping into the ocean instantly refreshes a body beset by heat. Sure, you run the risk of rubbing up against one of those dudes who inexplicably dance with their shirt off, which is the dry land equivalent to being stung by a jellyfish, but being unnerved by that experience is actually just an indication that you haven’t done enough drugs. With that in mind, this mix does more to evoke an afterhours experience that it does to provide one, being better suited to bedrooms than to dancefloors, with songs selected less for their ability to move a crowd than for their palpable warmth.


      Better to Sweat than Shiver

Neo Image – Positive Pressure
Florist presents V Rosso – Windows of the World (Moving Day Dub)
Jayda G – Heaven Could Be Lately
lfo – You Have To Understand
Studio 54 – Samnolli
Project Pablo – Evening Call
Mood Hut – Heaven 9
Savile – Thanks to the Heads (In Jackson Park)
Bakey Ustl – Nose Candy
Temporary Cripness – Dredz
Galcher Lustwerk – Niggas
Yu Su – Soon (Moa Mix)
Bella Boo – Magnolia
O God Dam (Sus Mix)
LNS – Leo
Leafar Legov – Walk With Me
Electric Adolescence – toofastforthekid

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