April Fools - The Comedy Mixes

April Fools – The Comedy Mixes

I’d be just as curious to find out more about the origins of April Fools Day as I would to learn who decided it would be the only holiday to end midday. It wouldn’t surprise me to learn that the decision to cut the day short was made around the same time they discovered that putting a persons hand in hot water could make them wet the bed. I’d personally be fine loosing the day altogether. I understand making fun of people who are arrogant, vein, or stupid, but practical jokes seem to mostly involve ridiculing people for being trusting, which beyond being mean is just inherently less funny.

With my regular Sunday radio show falling on April 1st, I decided to take a break from my usual selection of unusual music and play compilation of actual jokes by some of the funniest people in the history of laughter. Attempting to mix the segments with a similar rational to how I’d compile a music mix, I tried to create the least intrusive transitions between the bits and to provide a considered arc throughout. More importantly, I just tried to fit as many laughs as I could into a single show.


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The Bible and Gun Club – Opening Scene
Pineapple Express – Opening Scene
Funny or Die – Ladyrefs (First Episode)
30 Rock – Aaron Sorkin Cameo
Parks and Recreation – Season 2 Opener
Funny or Die – Ladyrefs (Last Episode)
Election – Excerpt
Fido Dido 7-Up Commercial
Tim and Eric Season Cinco Commercial
Tim and Eric Awesome Show – Gravy Robbers
Tim and Eric Awesome Show – Pepperoni (Excerpt)
Tim and Eric Awesome Show – (For Your Health, Wine)
Punch Drunk Love – Mattress Man Commercial
Onion News – Iron Man Trailer Adapted Into Feature Film
McDLT Commercial feat. Jason Alexander
Saturday Night Live – Schmitt’s Gay Commercial
Saturday Night Live – Sprockets feat Kyle McLaughlin
Saturday Night Live – Male Synchronized Swimmers
Saturday Night Live – Eddie Murphy Undercover
Bowfinger – Excerpt
The Jerk – Excerpt
Hi Mom! Trailer
How They Get There – Spike Jonze Short
Four Lions – Excerpt
BBC Terrorism Awards
The Day Today – Gay Desk
The Day Today – Motivational Speaker
The Day Today – Sports with Alan Partridge
I’m Alan Partridge – Excerpt
Armando Ianucci Show – Hello Hugh
Time Trumpet – Eastenders Special Effects
The Mitchell and Webb Look – Doctor and Ice Cream Maker
Peep Show – Excerpt
Brass Eye – Special – Closing Number
Little Gordon Commercial
Frankie Boyle Best Man Sketch
Little Gordon Commercial
News – Bjork Attacks Reporter
Comedy Central Roast (Various Zingers)
Sarah Silverman – Jesus is Magic (Excerpt)
Larry Sanders – Final Episode – Jim Carrey Segment
Team America – Everyone Has AIDS